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Crochet a chain link scarf

Crochet pattern for this chain link scarf or cowl.

This chain link crochet scarf pattern made us do a double take.  Wow, was it really crochet?  How do you make it?  And wow, it looks so good!  We have to make one.  Or more than one so we can make them in a single color and then try rainbow colors, or even and ombre effect in varying shades of the same color.  The designer says:

This favorite accessory doubles as a statement necklace or crochet cowl. It’s a perfect beginner’s pattern, using only slip stitches and single crochet, with no special skills. Each scarf takes about 3-4 hours, so you can finish it in a couple evenings.

Skill level: EASY

Required Skills: sc – single crochet

Size: 4.75 ft circumference

225 yards bulky yarn of your choice Or 450 yards worsted weight yarn, held double

Materials: 8mm/L crochet hook

Get the chain link scarf pattern here

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