Yarn Ball Winder And Swift Video Tutorial

Yarn Ball Winder And Swift Video Tutorial

How To Use A Swift And Yarn Ball Winder

A swift and yarn ball winder looks complicated, this tutorial shows you how easy it really is to use. Have you ever wanted to buy your yarn and wool in a skein or hank but are worried that using it is going to turn into a big tangled mess?  Yes, us too.  Some of the most beautiful hand dyed, specialty and premium yarns come this way, so unless you want to stick with just using pre-balled yarns, then you’ll have to consider balling your own yarn at home.  It’s not difficult and it needn’t be time-consuming either – so long as you have the right equipment.

If you are a big user, knit or crochet a lot and buy your yarn in bulk, then the prospect of hand-winding all those hanks into usable balls can rightly fill you with dismay.  Our time is precious and we’d much rather be creating wonderful things with that yarn, than just sitting for hours creating balls.

So check out this video on how to use an unbrella-style ‘swift’ and a hand ball winder. You will have those balls made up in seconds!  Plus it looks like enormous fun too.  Open up a whole new world of yarn possibilities and have fun at the same time.

More Possibilities

Of course, you can just buy the ball winder and use that without the swift.  But if you did this, you would need a helper to hold onto the skein of yarn. Or operate the ball winder while you held it.  Or you could wind it around the back of a couple of chairs. And then use the ball winder by hand. Unwrapping the yarn from the chairs as you go.  It would be slower and trickier, but it could be done if you aren’t yet able to invest in a swift.  But Christmas is coming – add these to your wishlist!

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