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Here at Crochet News we surf the internet to find what we think are the best crochet patterns around so we can share them with our audience.

After doing this for a couple of years we have found that there are so many amazing crochet patterns out there that we personally don’t have the capacity to find them all.

At Crochet-News we understand that not all the best things in life are free. And that includes crochet patterns.

We have decided; if you would like to submit a post highlighting your amazing patterns, whether it’s a free or paid pattern, we can share them to our audience and share links back to where the pattern can be found or purchased so that our audience can have access to the best crochet patterns around.

Not only does it mean that we can share even more patterns with our audience, it also allows you as a designer to gain more of an audience for yourself. Win, win!

Some requirements To Submitting a Crochet Pattern Post

To submit a post highlighting your pattern there are a few guidelines.

The content must be minimum of 500 words which is all original content.

2+ images of the pattern (the clearer the better).

If you want it shared to our 60k plus Pinterest audience get in touch to chat to us about becoming a featured crochet designer.

Links to where the pattern can be found or purchased.

Please note for your paid patterns which are on Etsy we will be applying our affiliate code.

Interested in Selling Your Crochet Pattern Designs?

We understand that running a website or an Etsy store can be time consuming. If you would like to create crochet patterns and get paid a lump sum please get in touch with us.

To submit a pattern for sale it must not have been published anywhere else on the internet, in magazines or publicly.

The pattern must be 100% your own original work.

The pattern needs to be clearly written with measurements, gauges, abbreviations, hook sizes and yarn weights. The pattern needs to be easy to follow, specific is terrific. Any tips or tricks needed to complete the pattern must be included.

A minimum of 3 clear and bright images of the completed pattern.

If you would like recognition for the pattern please provide a paragraph about yourself and the inspiration for the pattern. Your email address or website link may be included.

Email here to submit patterns.

Use the search bar to find a crochet pattern, or choose a crochet category.

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