Alice in Wonderland Doll Free Crochet Pattern


Alice in Wonderland Doll Free Crochet Pattern


Alice in Wonderland Doll Crochet Pattern

This Alice in Wonderland doll will take you back to when you were a child.  I mean actually read it, rather than watch a film or a cartoon version?  It’s a strange book, quite curious.

In fact as you read, things get curiouser and curiouser.  But Alice has always been a favorite of mine.  I love how calm and polite she is, even in the most extreme situations!  A great role model right there.

If ever a classic children’s book got done, redone, and overdone by illustrators, moviemakers, and TV miniseries masterminds, it’s poor Alice.

Since Lewis Carroll introduced Alice to the world in 1865, her adventures through the nonsensical world of Wonderland have become part of popular culture.

Just the term “rabbit hole” has come to take on a symbolic meaning. People celebrate unbirthdays and exclaim “I’m late for a very important date!” when they’re running behind or “Off with their heads!” when exasperated.


Alice in Wonderland Doll Free Crochet Pattern Materials


Project Notes

Rounds are worked in continuous spirals. Do not join rounds. Gauge is not overly important for amigurumi. The heavier the yarn and larger the needle, the bigger the finished piece, and vice versa. Stuff each piece firmly and place eyes as you go.

Leave tails loose inside the work when possible — no need to weave these in. Check out our Abbreviations Download for help reading this pattern.


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