Valentines I Love You Puppy Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Valentines Puppy Amigurumi


Valentines I Love You Puppy Amigurumi

Valentines is a confusing time of the year, at least for most people that I know. Chocolates, red clothes, or flowers? I mean, make up your mind already! An I love you puppy amigurumi is a perfect gift for the Feast of Saint Valentine.

With Valentine’s Day almost here, you should really consider your gift choices this year. Have you made any crochet items lately?  No? 

Well don’t fret, there is still time to salvage the big day by crocheting a little something to show the special people in your life how much you love them.

Last I checked, puppies had the entire human race swooning at how cute they are. What I mean is, if you don’t like puppies, you have some major issues man.


Valentines Puppy Amigurumi Materials

• 2.3mm hook
Yarn in white, light blue and pink/red
• Crochet thread in black
• 2 x 4mm black safety eyes
• White felt
• Pink blush
• Darning needle
Polyester fiberfill


Valentines Puppy Amigurumi Finished size:

About 3″ tall


Skill level:




About 4 hours


Valentines I Love You Puppy Amigurumi - Free Pattern


The Perfect Gift

This cute little puppy amigurumi crochet toy will make up for any deviation from the “Valentine norm”. The valentines’ puppy amigurumi will not only bring a smile to anyone you gift it to but it will completely lighten up your day.

Anyone you gift it to will worship you for it. The puppy amigurumi isn’t just perfect for Valentines, the toy can be a gift for any season and occasion. Hand me a puppy anytime and I’ll love you for it.

I’m pretty sure this strange love for puppies and their stuffed likenesses isn’t unique to me. I know a handful of people that would go absolutely bonkers for this. For an intermediate to advanced crocheter, this project should take about four hours to complete.

The finished product is about three inches tall and teeming with cuteness. I’m telling you, you can never go wrong with puppies.If you asked me, it’s about time everyone changed their perspective of Valentines’.


Valentines Puppy Amigurumi - Free Pattern


Better Then Chocolate

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no beef with the traditional chocolate candies, flowers and over-the-top expressions of love and affection. Why not throw in a puppy amigurumi into the equation and see how it goes? I’m absolutely certain your loved ones will appreciate this new gesture.

The first time I got a puppy for a gift, my heart completely melted. Coming across this puppy amigurumi crochet pattern ignited intense feelings and I just had to share it with you.

If puppies and stuffed puppy amigurumi dolls won’t melt your heart, I’m pretty sure nothing else can, you’re as emotionless as they come. The love affair with puppies is simply inexplicable. Could it be the huge sorrowful eyes or the tiny furry bodies?

I just can’t put a finger on what exactly has everyone worked up about puppies and stuffed puppy amigurumi toys. The puppy amigurumi seems to have an appeal to both the young and adults alike. So go on, crochet up one of these babies and make a loved one’s day.


Valentines Puppy Amigurumi - Free Pattern




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