Giraffe Crochet Toy Pattern For a Healthier Playtime

Hello dear parents! With everything our current technology can offer, are you also having a hard time limiting your children’s screen time?

Why not help them have a more healthy playtime by making this Giraffe Crochet Toy Pattern!

It’s big, cuddly, and surely a lot of fun to play with!

Are you excited to to make something your children will enjoy? Continue reading this article to learn how to make this big giraffe pattern!

Giraffe Crochet Toy Pattern for a Healthier Playtime

Big Cuddly Giraffe Crochet Toy Pattern

Giving your children toys that can attract their attention can help in lessening their screen time. Luckily, Bunnies & Yarn has a lot of animal amigurumi patterns you can make a zoo out of it!

Making a lot at once can be a little overwhelming. But you can always start with just one and make the others when you have some free time! Start with this big and cuddle giraffe, it will surely be a favorite because of its eye-catching color!

During your free time, sit down with your children and make up some fun stories with this big giraffe toy. An instant bonding activity for you and your children!

Get closer to you children and encourage a more healthy play time by making this amigurumi giraffe!

About the Amigurumi Yarn

This pattern does not have a recommended yarn, but we have searched for a yarn perfect for amigurumis. If you’re looking for a yarn that can retain the shape needed for your amigurumi, you can use this Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice.

Aside from its ability to retain shape, it’s also available in a lot of colors. Now you don’t have to use other yarn brands just to find the color that perfectly fits the amigurumi you’re making.

Thinking of making your own amigurumi zoo? Checkout other animal patterns and buy your yarn in bulk! 

Giraffe Crochet Toy Pattern
Giraffe Crochet Toy Pattern By Bunnies & Yarn

About the Pattern

Are you ready to create your own cuddly giraffe crochet toy? This pattern has step by step instructions to help you in crocheting your giraffe toy! It also has photos you can refer to along the way.

Sew the separate pieces together and a few details to make it look more like a giraffe. The tiny ears and little tufts added make the giraffe look a lot cuter! Some small circles are also added to the giraffes body to mimic the spots present on a giraffe’s body.

Skill Level


Materials Needed

Worsted weight yarn in colors: Light yellow, Light brown, Sand

4.00 mm. crochet hook

2 (22 mm.) safety eyes

Yarn needle

Stitch markers


Stuffing material of your choice

Finished size

23.5 inches

Stitches Used

Chain – Guide on Chain stitch.

Magic Ring

Single Crochet – Learn Single Crochet here.

Double Crochet – Tutorial on Double Crochet.

Increase in single crochet

Decrease in single crochet

Fasten off

Giraffe Crochet Toy Pattern Details
Giraffe Crochet Toy Pattern Details By Bunnies & Yarn

Are you ready to create a toy that can help you children bond and spend their playtime in a healthier way? It’s time to make this crochet toy pattern!

Did you enjoy making this crochet giraffe pattern? Then work on the other animal patterns to make a zoo for your children!

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It’s time to change your children’s idea of playtime! Instead of focusing on screens, make this Giraffe Crochet Toy Pattern they can play with!