Crochet Ladybird Is A Super Cute Amigurumi Pattern

Free crochet pattern, Spot the Ladybug. Ideal beginner amigurumi crochet pattern.


Crochet Ladybird Is A Super Cute Amigurumi Pattern

This crochet ladybird is super cute, spring is on the way!  Here’s a cute little amigurumi ladybird named Spot, by Susan Yeates. This lovely little mini-beasty has been named Spot for obvious reasons! The downloadable PDF pattern includes a colour PDF with a list of the exact materials and tools required, full step by step instructions (UK terms) and colour photos too!

This spotty ladybird is a two-colour variation on the simple sphere. The body is constructed in a single piece but slightly flatter than a sphere to mimic the shape of the insect. The spots are crocheted separately using thinner yarn and sewn onto the top of the wings.

Ideal beginner amigurumi crochet pattern to try.




Download the free pattern for Spot the Ladybird


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