Get great crochet yarns and supplies at our favorite stores

Do you tend to buy your yarns only when you need them for a specific project?  Or do you keep a stash on hand just in case?  We come from a sewing background so we’ve not only built up a big stash of gorgeous fabrics, but are now doing the same for threads, cottons, yarns, wools and other fibers as we explore our love of crochet.  Here are our favorite “go-to” suppliers for the best quality and/or prices.  Find everything you need for the perfect projects here.  All just a click away…click the image to visit these stores.

Yarn and Thread Suppliers on Etsy

These Etsy suppliers will keep you in the most glorious and beautiful threads, yarns, cottons and silks.  From hand dyed, hand spun, to sari silks, to crochet cottons, to wool, mohair, alpaca, or even co-ordinated yarn bundles.  Know that you’ll be supporting a small home-based business too.

Crochet patterns

Check out our regular ‘Designer Spotlight‘ feature to help you find new pattern designers that we think you will love.  We try to support small and independent designers wherever possible, so we hope you’ll consider buying your patterns from Etsy.  You can find ALL CROCHET PATTERNS HERE from Etsy.  Or below are some of our favorites, all available at time of creating this page.

You can also find great Crochet Patterns to buy at our preferred suppliers here:

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Ready made crochet kits

If you prefer the convenience of a ready made kit, then we think you’ll love some of these kits from Etsy suppliers.  With everything you need, including the pattern, yarn and sometimes hook as well, these are fun to take with you on vacation, or make ideal gifts for friends who crochet.  There are even kits for kids too.  Check out some of these amazing crochet kits…(note, illustrated kits were available at time of writing this page, but may no longer be actively sold when you visit.  In which case you can find ALL CURRENT CROCHET KITS HERE.)

Crochet Magazines

Do you still love flicking through a magazine each month?  We still think you can’t beat the excitement of a new magazine arriving in the mail and tearing off the wrapper to see what new projects there are to create this month.  Always something seasonal, fashionable, the latest trends, techniques, patterns and materials to try.  Here are some of our favorite crochet magazines.  If you order your subscription online, it will arrive as soon as published AND you’ll make great savings off the cover price on all these too.  Which one is your favorite?

Interweave crochet – 4 issues per year
Crochet world – 6 issues per year
Love of crochet – 4 issues per year
Quick and easy crochet – 4 issues per year
I like crochet (digital) – 6 issues per year
Happily Hooked (digital) – 12 issues per year (First issue 99c)
Crochet – 4 issues per year
Simply Crochet (UK) – 13 issues per year.  SPECIAL – get 5 issues for £5